WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync


WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync plugin can sync/unsync users from one site (blog) to the other sites (blogs) in your WordPress Multisite Network.


  • Sync/Unsync individual user.
  • Sync/Unsync to single site.
  • Sync/Unsync to multiple site.
  • Sync/Unsync to all site.

PRO Features

  • Sync automatically user in WordPress Multisite Network sites when user add/update/register.
  • User Sync Type options: ‘Auto Sync’ and ‘Manual Sync’.
  • Auto User Sync Type options: ‘All sites’, ‘Main site to sub sites’ and ‘Sub site to main site’.
  • Auto Unsync option: Enable/Disable auto unsync when user delete.
  • Bulk sync/unsync users.
  • Individual sync/unsync user.
  • Frontend register user will automatically sync.
  • Sync/Unsync user to single site.
  • Sync/Unsync user to multiple site.
  • Also, support WooCommerce customers.

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WordPress API Based Sync Plugins (WordPress Single Separate Sites)


  • User Roles: Select user roles you want to give individual sync/unsync access.


Individual Sync/Unsync: You can sync/unsync individual users from one site to the other sites. Please follow the below steps.

  • Edit any user.
  • You will see ‘WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync’ section.
  • Select destination sites you want sync/unsync.
  • Click on ‘Sync/Unsync’ button.


  • Individual sync/unsync user.
  • Settings.


This plugin only works with WordPress Multisite, will not work in a single site, and must be network activated.

  • Multi-domains. For example: example.site1, example.site2
  • Sub-domains. For example: site1.example.com, site2.example.com
  • Sub-directories. For example: example.com/site1, example.com/site2

WordPress Multisite Network Dashboard

  1. Go to ‘Network Admin’ -> ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add New’.
  2. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’.
  3. Upload plugin zip.
  4. Activate plugin.


  1. Unzip plugin zip.
  2. Upload the unzip plugin folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…).
  3. Go to ‘Network Admin’ -> ‘Plugins’.
  4. Activate plugin.


Oktober 19, 2023
I manage a multisite network with over 50 subsites. I needed to give an Editor access to all sites without the ususal nightmare of adding them one by one. Installed and activated the plugin.Went to a user and checked the (sync) All box. Saved the user. Done. THANK YOU for YAPTSBACF Yet Another Plugin That Should Be a Core Feature.
Juli 14, 2023
It just works! I didn’t even consider the free version and bought the pro / full version from CodeCanyon. As soon as I installed it and network activated it, added the necessary code, it worked. All new users, updated users, etc, get sent to all sites on the network and when someone logs in or logs out, it logs them in or out of the whole site. Brilliant. So easy and does exactly what I needed.
Pébruari 3, 2022
Obtain Infotech is an extraordinary company with superior expertise. We began working with them after buying a suite of their plugins, such as WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync. The plugins worked seamlessly across our multisite and solved many issues at once. We also hired OI for development services, and I’m constantly blown away by OI’s mastery and commitment to excellence. OI is hard-working, incredibly responsive to urgent matters, and overall has become a vital part of our success. As a result, Obtain Infotech has my respect and trust and receives my highest recommendation.
Désémber 6, 2021
Solved the Sync problem at an instant. Still a big note writing that it needs to be activated thru the WP MU from the start might be good. ( or may be I missed it.) Thanks guys
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