XPoster – Share to X and Mastodon


Post Updates from WordPress to X.com and Mastodon.

New in version 4.2: Mastodon support.

XPoster, formerly known as WP to Twitter, is a time-saving tool for keeping your X.com accounts up to date with news and posts from your site.

XPoster uses customizable status templates for updates sent when updating or editing posts, pages, or custom post types. You can customize your messages for each post, using custom template tags to generate the status update.

Free Features

  • Support for X.com and Mastodon.
  • Use post tags as hashtags
  • Use alternate URLs in place of post permalinks
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Support for XMLRPC remote clients
  • Use YOURLS, Bit.ly, jotURL, or Hum as external URL shorteners.
  • Rate limiting: make sure you don’t exceed X.com’s API rate limits.

Premium Features in [XPoster Pro](https://xposterpro.com)

  • Authors can set up their own accounts in their profiles
  • Time delayed status updates
  • Scheduled update management
  • Simultaneously post updates to site and author accounts
  • Preview and send status updates for comments
  • Filter updates by taxonomy (categories, tags, or custom taxonomies)
  • Upload images to X.com with alt attributes
  • Integrated X.com Card support
  • Support for Player Cards with integrated captions
  • Automatically schedule updates from old posts

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Visit the XPoster translation site to see how complete the current translations are.

Translating my plug-ins is always appreciated. Work on XPoster translations at the WordPress translation site! You’ll need a WordPress.org account to contribute!

Extending XPoster

Check out my GitHub repository of plug-in extensions.


  • XPoster Set up.
  • XPoster Post Meta box.
  • XPoster post meta box with WP Tweets PRO active.
  • XPosterPro settings.
  • Example X.com Feed (Twenty Nineteen)
  • Basic XPoster Settings


  1. Upload the wp-to-twitter folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin using the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings > XPoster
  4. Adjust the XPoster Options as you prefer them.
  5. Create an X.com application at X.com and Configure your OAuth keys


Why are you still calling things Tweets?

X.com is still slowly re-branding, and I’m not clear what Tweets will ultimately be called. Currently, they’re called “Posts” in some contexts, but that’s extremely ambiguous in WordPress, so I’m avoiding that terminology for now.

Do I need to pay for an API plan at X.com?

If you’re publishing more than about 50 Tweets a day, you’ll need to pay for a premium API plan. This is out of my control.

X.com’s Application creation process is very difficult. Why do I have to do this?

XPoster has always followed the principle that you are the owner of your own application. Many other applications require you to pass your data through a 3rd party that you authenticate to post to Twitter. With the new API policies at X.com, this is a significant benefit to most users. X.com allows up to 1500 Tweets per month on their free API plan, which is practical for most independent sites.


Januari 30, 2024
I was so relieved to find this after Twitter changes. Works as it should. Thank you for a great plugin.
Januari 21, 2024 1 reply
I had been using WP to Twitter until some drug addict took over ex-Twitter. Not only did he name it that way but he also disconnected me from it. I have been having such difficulties since then as I had to ex-tweet manually. Then I found a new version. The developer says that it requires WP 6.0 or later, but I installed it on my WordPress 4.9.24 anyway. Oh my dog! It works all right. Now I can get back to ex-Twitter. I am so happy because I will never go beyond 4.9.x. I must add that the developer’s document also helped significantly.
Nopémber 27, 2023 2 replies
It does not work because OAuth 2.0 Authentication is required when I make up a new twitter project or edit default project . Any way I tried to post then this error come up. “403: Client Forbidden: When authenticating requests to the Twitter API v2 endpoints, you must use keys and tokens from a Twitter developer App that is attached to a Project. You can create a project via the developer portal.” I do not know when this x developer “User authentication settings” changed. Thank you.
Agustus 19, 2023 2 replies
My review is no longer accurate, since it was written after a possible announcement of the end of support for this plugin. To this day, seeing it upgrade to “Xposter” (due to the platform name change), I can only be more than grateful. I am not lying when I say that it is the oldest plugin that I have in my installation of more than 12 years, and the one that I have seen applied the most love and work in all these years. Others have given up for less. Joe proves to be passionate about his work and his creation. The plugin is simple and does just what it’s supposed to do. This last month I have only tried a couple of alternatives, which worked, but did not have basic functions; it’s clear that this plugin is based on the user’s real needs, not just posting to a social network. Other alternatives left important issues unresolved. In addition, it has a PRO version that really transforms it into a totally different tool, since it expands its possibilities far beyond its basic use of sharing your posts. Among the most basic functions of the PRO version, you have the possibility of scheduling posts, delaying their sharing time, refloating old ones… they are essential options to be able to give more life to your content. In short, it is a real added value to a paid version. So I have changed the content of this review, but the title of the post, however, does not need to be changed: THANKS FOR SO MUCH, Joe Dolson!!! ORIGINAL POST: Over a decade, I’ve had minor issues a couple of times with this plugin. In the support forums you find that this does not work, that if you do not post images, etc… problems that were not related to the plugin, but to the knowledge of the user or problems with his WordPress site configuration. As of today, however, the plugin doesn’t work due to recent radical changes made by Twitter, and it looks like it won’t be updated anymore, according to what the creator of the plugin said. Why rate it 5 stars? Well, because its creator deserves no less, for all the effort and dedication, and the few times he will have received thanks for creating the simplest and most effective solution for something as simple as sending a WordPress post to Twitter. For me, it’s the best plugin I’ve ever had installed on my WordPress. Thank you very much for so much Joe Dolson, I hope you have success in all your current and future projects <3
Nopémber 28, 2022
WP to Twitter failed to connect with Twitter. Error: 453: You currently have Essential access which includes access to Twitter API v2 endpoints only. If you need access to this endpoint, you’ll need to apply for Elevated access via the Developer Portal. You can learn more here: developer .twitter .com /en/docs/twitter-api/getting-started/about-twitter-api#v2-access-leve
April 10, 2022 1 reply
It works well enough, but the basic, free version does not post images to Twitter. In 2022, that’s not the sort of functionality that can be upgraded to. Useless unless you pay.
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  • Bug fix: Debugging timestamps saved as microtime but read as time.
  • Bug fix: Add selected shortener to debugging info.
  • Bug fix: Verify that last status is an array & return unrecognized error message if not identifiable.
  • Change: Add $get_url parameter to wpt_shorten_url to explicitly determine whether existing short URLs are fetched.
  • Feature: Status update template tag buttons in editor.


  • Bug fix: Update deprecated JS.
  • Bug fix: Handle case if connection response is not valid JSON.
  • Bug fix: Minor improvements to CSS & JS.
  • Update tested to & copyrights.


  • Bug fix: Last Tweet notice improperly called array. Props @mattyrob, @pyro-code01.
  • Bug fix: Only show upgrade notice if it’s populated in the readme.
  • Change: Change scripts to register separately from enqueuing.
  • Change: Change Pro filters to a filter instead of a direct function call.
  • Tooling: Update to PHPCS 3.


  • Bug fix: All notices used error class, regardless of actual status.
  • Bug fix: Add a notice when a request exception occurs.
  • Bug fix: Misnamed variable in Mastodon authentication process.
  • Mention Mastodon in plugin name.


  • Add support for posting to Mastodon instances.
  • Bug fix: If category and category description not defined, PHP warning thrown.
  • Bug fix: Make tabbed navigation use a nav element for improved accessibility.
  • Bug fix: Media heading could show in meta box when no media options are enabled.
  • Bug fix: Should not show bearer token message on profile page if user settings not enabled.
  • Text changes: Change references to “Twitter” and “Tweet”.
  • Docs: Improve and add some additional hook documentation.


  • Bug fix: Checkbox marked as checked in plugin settings if parent array exists.
  • Bug fix: Fix PHP notice when link manager not enabled.
  • Change: Use wp_rand to generate random integer instead of mt_rand.


  • Debugging improvements.
  • Show update to Miscellaneous settings checkboxes immediately. Props @mt8.


  • Bug fix: X.com upload endpoint doesn’t support gif; disable upload if gif.
  • Bug fix: Fix screen name comparisons so Pro scripts load correctly.
  • Bug fix: Save default Tweet length option so character count uses correct value.
  • Update: override block editor sidebar padding.
  • Update: Combine separate admin script registrations into one function.
  • Update: Add versions to registered scripts and styles.
  • Update: Remove tab interface in post sidebar.
  • Update: Add default template to tweet text box as placeholder.
  • Update: Change default excerpt length to 60.
  • Update: Add missing sales link & update docs link.
  • Update: Remove obsolete FAQ question.


  • Remove X.com feed and search widgets.
  • Improve error message reporting.


  • Bug fix: Need to offer users the option to either disconnect or add a bearer token.


  • Prefix vendor classes for better cross compatibility. Props Robert Korulczyk
  • Improved catching of Exceptions.
  • Remove deprecated CURL arg.
  • Only show bearer token admin notice if user already authenticated.


  • Rebranding to XPoster.
  • Update to use X.com API v2. (https://github.com/noweh/twitter-api-v2-php)
  • Those two things encompass a huge amount of change.


  • Bug fix: text field responsiveness.
  • Bug fix: Sanitize link visibility parameters.
  • Remove sales and promotional elements.
  • Add FAQ and remove support form.


  • Bug fix: YOURLS returns a 400 error if a URL is re-submitted, but WP to Twitter only handled JSON object if a 200 was returned.
  • Bug fix: Provide context labels for wp_die and die calls
  • Bug fix: Hum shortener threw errors if you attempted to shorten a link, since it only works for posts.
  • Bug fix: Missing sanitization in AJAX Tweet requests from admin.
  • Bug fix: Correctly handle YOURLS url shortening requests when there is already an existing shortened URL for that path.


  • Bug fix: Don’t expect a nonce or attempt to handle post meta if post not submitted from WordPress admin.


  • Bug fix: Fix incorrect textdomains.
  • Security: Missing nonce verification in metabox.
  • Change: New filter wpt_postpone_rendering to allow Pro to delay template rendering.
  • Docs: Start adding hook docs – https://joedolson.github.io/wp-to-twitter/. Work in progress.


  • Bug fix: Change in link to Twitter API error codes.
  • Bug fix: Restore sales page, accidentally removed in previous update.
  • Change: Option added to enable debugging from admin (in Advanced Settings.)


  • Change: Twitter app setup instructions updated.
  • Removed: URL data migration. Any data that needs migrating should be long completed.


  • Change: Twitter help/configuration endpoint retired. Values changed to static.
  • Change: Misc. UI updates.
  • Bug fix: Re-query YOURLS endpoint if format throws no-match result.
  • Allow enabling debugging without Pro.
  • Log Tweet status IDs.


  • Bug fix: Query to Twitter config endpoint should never run more than once a day.


  • Bug fix: missing CSS for headings.
  • Bug fix: Add option to allow autoposting to work. Option will break manual posting, however.


  • Bug fix: Run metadate save on wp_after_insert_post, as well, when it exists.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect value passed to wp_localize_script.
  • Move PHP tests from Travis-CI to GitHub Actions.
  • Fix results of PHP testing.
  • Minor clean-up in debugging.
  • Update screenshots for repository.
  • Changed WP requirement to >= 4.9.8
  • Bug fix: Post meta saving after post published in block editor


  • Update connection instructions to match Project & App structure at Twitter.
  • Update metabox design and layout.
  • Toggle default length based on current locale.
  • Remove stored URLs; no longer important to avoid repeat shortener queries.
  • Mask app tokens after saving.
  • Automatically switch to staging mode if environment query returns staging.
  • Bug fix: remove whitespace in some settings inputs
  • New: use wp_after_insert_post action (new in WP 5.6) so terms & metadata are saved at the time posts are published when using the block editor.
  • Numerous updates for WP Tweets Pro users.


  • Feature: ability to add mentions in tags to be parsed with @ instead of #.
  • Feature: Add support for Hum URL shortener
  • Improve install process for 3rd-party plugin URL shorteners.
  • Use Full post modified & publish dates in debugging info. (Including seconds.)


  • Clear a couple PHP notices.
  • Add styles for Pro.


  • Bug fix: Incorrect variable type in default tab assignment.
  • Bug fix: Two incorrectly named array keys in debugging.
  • Bug fix: Shortened URLs shouldn’t be called if using WP permalinks.


  • Bug fix: Changed rules for differentiating between new and edited posts.
  • Bug fix: Bit.ly supporting plug-in changed function name.
  • Bug fix: Variable types different between default settings & saved settings.
  • Bug fix: Prevent scheduled Tweets (Pro) if post has been deleted.
  • Update debugging messages & data for better clarity.


  • Bug fix: YOURLS queries not executing.


  • Add support for @ references on tags.
  • Add support for Codehaveli Bitly URL Shortener
  • Remove deprecated category filters. (UI disabled in 2014.)
  • Don’t query shorteners if they are enabled but settings are missing.


  • Bug fix: Due to external add-ons, need to test URL shortener settings as strings, not integers.
  • Bugfix: If YOURLS JSON object does not exist, it cannot have values.
  • Change: Support custom domains in jotURL.
  • Change: Add user info to debugging records.


  • Bug fix: Failed to account for a URL value that could be false in template parsing.


  • Bug fix: don’t parse Username settings if user is connected to Twitter (Pro)
  • Bug fix: Non-semantic text in user settings.
  • Bug fix: type error in media comparison.
  • Improve logic for exiting media handling. (Pro)


  • Removed goo.gl shortener completely (disabled by Goo.gl in March 2019)
  • Removed su.pr shortener completely (Stumbleupon closed down in June 2018)
  • Prep for removal of Bit.ly URL shortener. (Bitly API v3 will shut down March 2020)
  • Misc. markup improvements.


  • New function: wpt_allowed_post_types(). Returns array of post types that can be Tweeted.
  • New template tag: #categories# Return string of all categories on post. Filterable with ‘wpt_twitter_category_names’
  • Change: default tag length allowed raised to 20
  • Change: default number of tags allowed raised to 4
  • Breaking change: Remove major function deprecated in January 2017 and minor functions deprecated March 2018.


  • Missed ssl_verify=false removed


  • Pass post ID to wpt_retweet_text filter.
  • Don’t throw duplicate Tweet error if Tweet is blank.


  • Change: Display UI for post types that are private but have a UI (e.g., WooCommerce coupons)
  • Bug fix: User permissions for connecting to Oauth overrode ability to enter personal settings.
  • Bug fix: Exit meta migration if post does not exist.


  • Added filter to cancel Tweets for custom reasons after all other filters executed.
  • Removed video on app creation, due to Twitter’s radical revision of creation process.
  • Update setup instructions inside app.


  • Change function name for checking edit vs. new for clarity.
  • Update debugging function to pass post ID of current Tweet.
  • Bug fix: PHP Notice in settings.
  • Bug fix: If rate limiting cron not set, automatically recreate.


  • Change: Remove replacement character setting unless in use for non-space character
  • Change: Capitalize each word in tags sent to Twitter (accessibility)


  • Bug fix: Check for existing short URL should not run when parsing text of Tweets for URLs.


  • Bug fix: Assignment replaced with comparison in connection creation.


  • Bug fix: fallback normalizer method called incorrectly


  • Removed: upgrade paths from version 2.4.x
  • Removed: support for YOURLS version 1.3
  • Removed: support for Twitter Friendly Links (plug-in not updated in 8 years)
  • Removed: Ability to enable the Goo.gl URL shortener (see: https://developers.google.com/url-shortener/)
  • Removed: fallback functions required for PHP 4 support.
  • Add ‘show images’ as option in feeds.
  • Support for alt attributes displayed in Feeds
  • Improved URL generation to link to searched Tweets.
  • Improve parsing of URLs in Tweets.
  • Don’t save URLs if no shortener used or shortener returns no value.
  • Option to ignore stored URLs when sending Tweets.
  • Code now conforms with WordPress PHP standards with the exception of four deprecated functions.


  • If short URL already stored, do not execute shortening routine
  • Remove instances of create_function for PHP 7.2 compat
  • Remove language files completely in favor of WordPress.org translations
  • CSS fix
  • Minor text changes


  • Add temporary method to extend character count. Twitter has not yet released their new character counting library.
  • Minor style changes


  • Bug fix: Fix arguments when using keywords with YOURLS
  • Bug fix: Problem saving settings in PHP 7.1 due to array assignment changes
  • New: Add filter to provide custom support any taxonomy as hashtags, ‘wpt_hash_source’ & ‘wpt_hash_tag_sources’
  • New: Add cache refresh checkbox for Tweet widget
  • Update: Rewritten debugging mechanism
  • New: admin notice to indicate in debugging.
  • Remove Freemius (with all thanks to the Freemius team.)
  • Minor tweaks to Tweet widget CSS


  • Bug fix: account for mixed return values in get_the_tags()


  • Bug fix: Only save last Tweet if sent successfully (See https://wordpress.org/support/topic/character-count-not-updating-and-subsequent-tweets-not-going-through/#post-9338623)
  • Bug fix: in truncation settings, match displayed tag names to tags used in templates.
  • Text fixes: clarify YOURLS settings notices & fields
  • Add option: Hash tags from categories instead of tags
  • Bug fix: incorrect url


  • Function name change in primary function.
  • Early exit in wpt-feed
  • Fix icon in metabox headings
  • Misc. minor design tweaks


  • Bug fix: missing check to verify array caused AJAX error


  • Bug fix: “Tweet Now” button threw error if selecting main site account [Pro]
  • New action executed when posting to Twitter
  • New debugging point in media retrieval


  • Bug fix: activation status of licenses in WP Tweets Pro misreported in support data
  • Removed longurl.org expander since the service has been shut down.
  • Exclude uploaded media URLs from character counting (WP Tweets Pro)
  • Feature: Support adding custom templates for specific taxonomy terms (WP Tweets Pro)


  • Bug fix: help/config should not be queried if user has not yet authenticated.


  • Bug fix: call help/config to check t.co URL lengths and make sure length used is current value
  • Parse URLs in text and send to URL shortener before Tweeting.
  • Test for WordPress 4.6


  • Two new filters in post meta box
  • Add option to set your own Goo.gl API key for improved shortener reliability
  • Removed my fallback functions for mb_substr and mb_strlen & support for WordPress 4.1
  • Fixed a broken URL
  • Updated sales copy


  • Bug fix: extra closing p tag in widget output.
  • Feature: pattern for getting arbitrary author meta: {{meta_field}}
  • Minor security fix: ignored wpnonce verification if nonce not provided in settings admin.


  • Bug fix: extra is_admin call in Freemius implementation
  • Feature: ‘Tweet Now’ & dynamic scheduling recognizes currently selected users & upload media status (Pro)


  • Bug fix: Stray debugging email in curl processing.


  • Feature: prevent Duplicate Posts plug-in from copying WP to Twitter meta data
  • Feature: add curl fallback in case WP_http doesn’t function correctly.
  • Feature: support for image alt attributes in widget
  • Feature: support for selective refresh in customizer
  • Feature: improved error messages from Twitter
  • Change: added Freemius service back to plug-in
  • Bug fix: disconnect Twitter account in user accounts (PRO)


  • Bug fix: wrap Twitter follow button in div to prevent obscure Blink rendering bug.
  • Bug fix: obscure bug saving incorrect short URL when saving draft


  • Bug fix: added prefix to is_valid_url (function used by some other plug-ins)
  • Bug fix: undismissable promotion for WP Tweets PRO
  • Minor style changes


  • Bug fix: functionalized uninstall, but placed in file only imported while WPT active.


  • Remove Freemius integration due to excessive API load.


  • Only call Freemius integration in admin.


  • Bug fix: uninstall issue with Freemius
  • Bug fix: extraneous function call with Freemius
  • More style streamlining


  • Bug fix: if user without permissions to edit WP to Twitter meta updated profiles, Twitter profile data was deleted.
  • Bug fix: PHP notices (2) in Twitter search widget
  • Bug fix: no notice to update settings when setting new URL shortener.
  • Bug fix: permissions tabs non functional if custom role name had a space
  • Bug fix: remove notice thrown when rate limiting is run on a Tweet not associated with a post
  • Bug fix: remove notice thrown when no error defined by custom shortener.
  • Design update in metabox panel
  • Misc. design & text updates
  • Ability to add new URL shorteners via filters (‘wpt_shorten_link’, ‘wpt_shortener_settings’, ‘wpt_choose_shortener’)
  • Remove ability to set YOURLS as a local resource in new installs
  • Added filter to disable storing URLs in post meta
  • Deprecate more old jd_ prefixed functions
  • Change admin page URL to match Pro version.
  • Remove dependency on is_plugin_active()
  • Added opt-in usage tracking via Freemius.com


  • CSS update in Twitter feed for new iframe generated follow button
  • Include target URL in information deleted when a post’s Tweet History cleared
  • Minor design changes
  • Updated manual
  • Updated text


  • Bug fix: Add support for calendar picker in WP Tweets Pro
  • New filter on random delay value


  • Bug fix: mismatched argument count in replacements caused & to be replaced with null
  • Bug fix: PHP notice on Advanced Settings screen
  • Bug fix: append/prepend fields accidentally eliminated from Tweet output in truncation rewrite


  • Rewrite: Rewrite Tweet truncation code.
  • Bug fix: Make charcount aware of #longurl#
  • Open up possibility of reposting more than 3 times in WP Tweets PRO through filters.
  • Bug fix: issue with character counting on Scheduled Tweets screen.
  • Add textdomain to plug-in header


  • New filter allows disabling storing short URLs wpt_store_urls; return false.
  • Disable migration routine as DB-wide function; handle only on post edit.
  • Eliminate some unused variables.
  • Change primary settings headings to H1 on WP 4.3 and above.
  • Removed collapsible panels in settings. These are irrelevant with tabbed interface.
  • Minor design changes.


  • CSS fix for 4.3 compatibility.
  • Avoid error if administrator role is missing.
  • Prevent setting rate limiting to 0.


  • Bug fix: Fix a fallback function for mb_substr
  • Bug fix: Missing Urlencoding on YOURLS post titles caused return as XML instead of JSON
  • Bug fix: one rate limiting setting not deleted on uninstall
  • Update Language: Australian English


  • Misnamed variable in 3.1.1.
  • Minor update to Dutch translation
  • Added partial Australian English translation


  • Add post title to Yourls shortener query. Thanks to the.mnbvcx.
  • Bug fix: Overlooked warning if categories not defined.
  • Updated wp-to-twitter.pot


  • Moved changelog entries older than 3.0.0 into changelog.txt
  • Update PHP 4 class constructors to PHP 5.
  • Added template tags for all categories and all category descriptions.
  • Better loading of text domain.
  • Improve preview character counting when featured images are being uploaded. (WP Tweets PRO)
  • Require users to add an email to send a support request.
  • Added check for constant WPT_STAGING_MODE; disables posting to Twitter on staging servers.
  • New feature: Rate limiting. Enable rate limiting to restrict the number of posts per category per hour can be sent to your Twitter account.


  • Bug fix: Twitter Feed search broken.
  • Bug fix: Display issue with support form textarea.
  • Address issue with input sources that have double encoded entities.
  • Improved: Error messages with Twitter Feed issues.
  • Add option to hide header on Twitter feed widget.
  • Language Update: Portuguese (Brazil)


  • Bug fix: missing styles from Twitter feed
  • Bug fix: test whether Tweet is possibly sensitive always returned true
  • New feature: display uploaded images in Twitter feed instead of link to image.
  • New template tag: #longurl# – use to Tweet the unshortened URL for a post.


  • Bug fix: Typo in fix for settings update screwed things up.


  • Bug fix: Error with YOURLS url handler. Two reversed variable definitions.
  • Bug fix: Bad URL for testing time check when WP Tweets PRO active.
  • Bug fix: Update could reset some settings to defaults.
  • Grammar fix to one text string.
  • Minor updates to Spanish & Portuguese translations


  • Update Japanese translation
  • Bug fix: accidentally left one debug message in override.


  • Bug fix: obscure duplicating Tweets issue related to co-Tweeting and media uploads
  • Bug fix: notice thrown if using Yourls and access to Yourls directory blocked at server.
  • Revamped settings page.
  • Updated user’s guide.


  • Changed priority of wpt_twit function on save_post action so that The Events Calendar can send Tweets.
  • Bug fix: ensure that arguments passed to URL shorteners for analytics are URL encoded.
  • Bug fix: Clear widget cache when widget is updated.
  • Bug fix: invalid argument with obsolete category filters.
  • Bug fix: inconsistent labeling of API key/consumer key.
  • Bug fix: Errors in data migration for 3.0.0 fixed.
  • Only show ‘Tweet to’ tab if individual authors options are enabled.
  • Minor updates to application setup instructions.


  • Handles case where post type identification could throw PHP warning if no post types were chosen to be Tweeted.
  • Eliminated outdated compatibility function.
  • Eliminated old update notices.
  • General code cleanup.
  • Code documentation.
  • Updated media uploading to use Uploads endpoint, replacing deprecated update_with_media endpoint. [WP Tweets PRO]
  • Simplifed short URL storage
  • Decreased widget cache life from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • Added fallback Normalizer class for cases when extension is not installed.
  • Added notes for the 100 HTTP code return error.
  • Moved Twitter server time check out of basic set-up & set up to only run on demand.
  • Minor design changes.