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Team Members – A WordPress Team Plugin with Gallery, Grid, Carousel, Slider, Table, List, and More

Team Members – A WordPress Team Plugin with Gallery, Grid, Carousel, Slider, Table, List, and More


The WordPress Team Showcase plugin – your all-in-one solution for seamlessly presenting your team members on your website.

Explore a ton of customization options and diverse themes within our plugin, ensuring an elegant and attention-grabbing display for your team. Whether you prefer a Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Popup, Filter, Panel, or Gray view, our plugin provides a versatile showcase with over 50 captivating templates. Embrace SEO-friendly designs with re-order functionality.

With our user-friendly Shortcode Generator settings panel, creating stunning team showcases is easier than ever. The live preview feature allows you to witness real-time changes, empowering you to create unique and visually appealing team displays. Expect fully responsive layouts and customizable styles for a seamless user experience.

Simple, flexible, and powerful – the WordPress Team Showcase plugin is your go-to solution for elevating your team presentation effortlessly.

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Why are the Team Members crucial for your business?

Team members are like the superheroes of your business. They bring different skills and ideas, making your business stronger and more creative. When they work together well, it makes customers happy and boosts the success of your business. Having a great team is crucial for making your business grow and do really well.

What makes GS Team Members stand out?

  • Professional Team Showcase: Elevate your website’s professionalism with GS Team Members plugin, showcasing your team in a refined and eye-catching manner – essential for businesses and organizations.
  • User-Friendly Display: Simplify team management effortlessly. Our intuitive interface and customizable features ensure seamless presentation, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • Versatile Display Options: Boost credibility with various display options. From grid to circle layouts, our plugin’s customization choices let you showcase your team in visually impactful ways.
  • Engaging Visuals: Create an appealing online presence with dynamic layouts and customizable styles. GS Team Members ensures your website captivates visitors with visually engaging content.

Discover what sets WordPress Team Members apart – a tool designed to enhance your website’s professionalism, user-friendliness, versatility, and visual appeal.

Comprehensive Plugin Features

Experience the Power of GS Team Members with a Rich Array of Functionalities:

  • 50+ Designs: Choose from a variety of layouts including Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Flip, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Filter, and Panel.
  • Versatile Link Options: Link team members to Single Team Page, Popup, Panel, or Drawer.
  • Design Variety: Enjoy diverse designs with 5 options each for Single Team Page, Popup, Panel, and Drawer.
  • Image Size Control: Select team member image sizes from Thumbnail, Medium, Large, or other registered sources.
  • Theme Flexibility: Switch seamlessly from Grid to Slider or Filter themes.
  • Advanced Templating: Utilize Archive Templates and Shortcode Generator with Preview.
  • Multilingual Support: Ensure compatibility with multiple languages.
  • ACF Integration: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) compatibility for enhanced customization.
  • Bulk Import: Efficiently import team data from CSV files.
  • Template Override: Override default templates for a personalized touch.
  • Google Fonts Control: Disable Google Fonts feature as needed.
  • Localization Support: Translate content into languages like Japanese and Chinese during Bulk Upload.
  • Flexible Query Options: Filter members based on location, specialty, language, and gender.
  • Developer-Friendly Hooks: Leverage hooks for advanced customization.
  • Page Builder Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with popular page builders.
  • Drag-and-Drop Order: Easily arrange members and groups using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Group Display: Showcase members by group or department (category).
  • Instant Search: Enable quick searches by name letters, Company and zip code.
  • Filter Options: Filter by designation, category, child Category, location, language, gender, and specialty.
  • Reset Filters: Include a reset button for convenient filtering.
  • Multi-Select Filter: Enable users to choose multiple filter options simultaneously.
  • Multi-Select Ellipsis: Maintain a clean appearance by using an ellipsis to represent multi-selected values.
  • Show/Hide All Filter Button: Toggle the visibility of the All filter button based on design preferences.
  • Pagination: Implement number pagination for smoother navigation.
  • Social Media Integration: Add repeatable social media meta boxes for each team member.
  • Skills Meta Box: Include a repeatable skills meta box for comprehensive profiles.
  • Ribbon Meta Box: Add ribbon details through a dedicated meta box.
  • Custom CSS: Inject custom CSS for personalized appearances.
  • Dummy Data Management: Import or delete dummy data as needed.
  • Shortcode Management: Edit, clone, duplicate, or delete shortcodes with ease.
  • Multiple Shortcodes: Use multiple team member shortcodes on the same page for versatility.
  • URL Flush: Avoid 404 errors with URL flush after plugin installation or slug update.
  • Optimized Performance: Enjoy swift loading for better user experience.
  • Conditional Script Loading: Load scripts only where shortcode is present or on specific admin pages.
  • Localization Input Fields: Easily replace preferred texts for localization.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure compatibility with various devices through responsive design.
  • Theme Compatibility: Works seamlessly with any standard WordPress theme.
  • Unlimited Members: Add as many team members as needed.
  • Developer-Friendly: Easily customizable for developers.
  • Browser Compatibility: Supported across all modern browsers.
  • SEO Boost: Enhance SEO with schema.org markup.
  • W3C Valid Markup: Adheres to W3C standards for valid markup.
  • Flexible Output: Output your team showcase anywhere with generated shortcodes.
  • Comprehensive Info: Showcase team members’ information and social links.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Easy to set up with a user-friendly interface.
  • RTL Support: Compatible with languages that read from right to left.
  • Translation Ready: Translatable with included POT files.
  • Priority Email Support: Access dedicated support for assistance.
  • Free Installation: Receive free installation if needed.
  • Robust Documentation: Well-documented with support for queries.
  • Continuous Updates: Stay updated with new features and improvements.
  • Live Demos: 🎬 View live Demos »
  • Upgrade to PRO: ⬆️ Upgrade to PRO »

Available fields to add info

  • Team Member Name: Enter the full name of the team member.
  • Team Member Description: Provide a brief overview or bio of the team member.
  • Designation: Specify the job title or role within the team.
  • Company: Indicate the affiliated company or organization.
  • Company Website: Add company or organization website URL.
  • Landline Phone: Include the office or work phone number.
  • Mobile Phone: Enter the personal or mobile contact number.
  • Email: Provide the email address of the team member.
  • Address: Include physical address details.
  • Ribbon: Customize a ribbon for additional distinction.
  • Zip Code: Enter the postal or ZIP code.
  • vCard (Link): Add a link to download the team member’s vCard.
  • Flip Image (For Flip Theme): Special image field designed for the Flip theme.
  • Group/Department: Specify the affiliated group or department.
  • Language: Indicate the spoken or preferred language.
  • Location/City: Mention the current location or city.
  • Gender: Provide gender identification.
  • Specialty: Highlight expertise or special skills.
  • Team Member Image: Upload the team member’s profile picture or image.
  • Social Icons: Choose up to 40 social icons with customizable links (reorderable).
  • Skill: Utilize skill fields to add as many skills as needed (reorderable).

Available Icons

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, Flickr, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit, VK, Vine, Github, Stack Overflow, Soundcloud, Envelope / Email, Link / Website, Skype, Whatsapp, Dropbox, WordPress, Tumblr, Foursquare, Xing, Lastfm, Hacker News, Yahoo, Trello, Steam, Deviantart, Feed, Renren, Spotify, twitch, Digg, SlideShare, Bandcamp, Map Maker & Map Pin.

General Settings

Start by navigating to GS Team > Team Shortcode. Here, you can either create a new shortcode or edit an existing one. Once inside, you’ll land on the General Settings page.

  • Shortcode Name: Give your shortcode a unique identifier.
  • Style & Theming: Choose a theme from options like Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Flip, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Filter, and Panel.
  • Enable Carousel: Switch between Grid/Carousel/Filter, unlocking features across 20 new templates in Grid, Circle, Horizontal, and Flip.
  • Enable Filter: Enable filter for this theme, it may not be available for certain themes.
  • Columns: Control the number of columns for Desktop, Tablet, Portrait Mobile, and Mobile (ranging from 1 to 6 Columns).
  • Link Team Members: Toggle the link for a Member’s name, description, and image to either display a popup or navigate to a single member page.
  • Link Type Selection:
    • Single Page: Directs to an individual team member’s dedicated page.
    • Popup: Displays team member details in a popup upon clicking.
    • Panel: Shows details in a panel-style format.
    • Drawer: Presents information in a drawer-style display.
  • Thumbnail Sizes: Select Team Images Size ( Thumbnail, Medium, Large, or Others ).
  • Show/Hide controls for:
    • Member Name.
    • Member Designation.
    • Member Details.
    • Social Connection.
    • Ribbon.
    • Pagination.
    • Scroll Animation.
    • Allow HTML for Details.
    • Scroll Height.
  • Details Control: Set the maximum number of characters for the Member Details Control.
  • Scroll Height: Set the maximum height of the description; if exceeded, a scrollbar will appear.

  • Filter Settings (When Enabled Filter):

    • Instant Search by Name: Show or Hide Instant Search.
    • Instant Search by Company: Show or Hide Instant Company-wise Search.
    • Instant Search by Zip: Show or Hide Instant Search by Zip Code.
    • Filter by Designation: Show or Hide Filter by Designation.
    • Filter by Location: Show or Hide Filter by Location.
    • Filter by Language: Show or Hide Filter by Language.
    • Filter by Gender: Show or Hide Filter by Gender.
    • Filter by Specialty: Show or Hide Filter by Specialty.
    • Reset Filters Button: Enable Reset all filters button in filter themes, Default is Off.
    • Enable Multi Select: Enable multi-selection on the filters; Default is Off.
    • Multi-Select Ellipsis: Show multi-selected values in ellipsis mode, Default is Off.
    • Enable ‘All’ Filter: Enable All filter in the filter templates, Default is On.
    • Enable Child Filters: Enable child group filters, Default is Off.
    • ‘All’ Filter Text: Set your preferred text instead of All.
    • Filter Columns: ( Two / Three ).
    • Filter Category Position: ( Left / Center / Right )
  • Dynamic Preview: As you customize settings on the left, the right area displays a real-time preview.

Style Settings

Easily Customize Your Team Members Display:

To get started, navigate to GS Team > Team Shortcode. Create a new shortcode or edit an existing one. Then, proceed to the 2nd tab labeled Style Settings.

  • Member Name: Tailor the appearance of member names by setting Font Size, Weight, Style, and Color.
  • Description Color: Define the color of the description.
  • Info Color: Set the color for additional information.
  • Info Icon Color: Customize the color of information icons.
  • Description Link Color: Define the color of links within descriptions.
  • Item BG Color: Choose the background color for each team member’s item.
  • Item Hover BG Color: Set the background color when hovering over team member items.
  • Hover Icon BG Color: Customize the background color of icons during hover.
  • Ribbon Background Color: Set the background color for any ribbons associated with team members.
  • Member Role/Designation: Tailor the appearance of member roles/designations by setting Font Size, Weight, Style, and Color.
  • For Carousel View Type:
    • Enable Carousel Navs: Toggle navigation arrows for the carousel.
    • Enable Carousel Dots: Toggle navigation dots for the carousel.
    • Carousel Navs Style: Choose from One / Two / Three styles for carousel navigation arrows.
    • Carousel Dots Style: Choose from One / Two / Three styles for navigation dots.
    • Nav Color: Define the color for navigation arrow icons.
    • Nav BG Color: Set the background color for navigation arrow icons.
    • Nav Hover Color: Choose the color when hovering over the navigation arrow icons.
    • Nav Hover BG Color: Set the background color when hovering over navigation arrow icons.
    • Dots Color: Define the color for navigation dots.
  • For Filter View Type:
    • Filter Tab Style: Choose from Style One / Two / Three / Four / Five for filter tabs.
    • Filter Color: Define the color for filter text.
    • Filter Active Color: Specify the color for the active filter tab.
    • Filter Active BG Color: Set the background color for the active filter tab.
    • Filter Border Color: Choose the color for filter tab borders.
    • Filter Active Border Color: Choose the border color for the active filter tab.

Query Settings

Begin by navigating to GS Team > Team Shortcode. Create a new shortcode or edit an existing one. Then proceed to the 3rd tab labeled Query Settings.

  • Team Members: Set the maximum number of team members you want to display. Default -1 to show all members.
  • Order By:
    • Date: Sort team members by their date of creation.
    • Team ID: Sort team members based on their ID.
    • Team Name: Arrange members alphabetically by their names.
    • Random: Display team members in random order.
    • Custom Order: Define a specific order for team members.
  • Order:
    • DESC (Descending): Arrange team members in descending order.
    • ASC (Ascending): Arrange team members in ascending order.
  • Group Order By:
    • Custom Order: Arrange groups by Drag & Drop.
    • Group ID: Order groups numerically by their assigned IDs.
    • Group Name: Sort groups alphabetically by their names.
  • Group Order:
    • ASC: Display groups in ascending order (A-Z).
    • DESC: Display groups in descending order (Z-A).
  • Hide Empty Groups: Enable to hide groups where no team member is assigned.
  • Group: Select a specific team group to display only members from that group.
  • Exclude Group: Select a specific team group to exclude members from that group.
  • Location: Filter team members by a specific location.
  • Language: Filter team members by a specific language.
  • Specialty: Filter team members by a specific specialty.
  • Gender: Filter team members by a specific gender.

Preference ( Global Settings)

Navigate to GS Team > Shortcode and select Preferences.

  • Team Members Slug: After updating the GS Team Members slug, if a member is not found and a 404 error occurs, go to Settings > Permalinks. This action will flush the URL. Clear the cache if needed and refresh the Single Team Member page to display the updated content.
  • Disable Google Fonts: Opt to disable the loading of Google Fonts.
  • Select Single Page Style: Choose a style for Single Page from options like Style One / Two / Three / Four / Five.
  • Enable/Disable Links for:
    • Land Phone.
    • Cell Phone.
    • Email.
  • Next / Prev Member: Toggle to show or hide Next / Prev Member links on the Single Team Template.
  • Include Fields When Searching: Activate to enable searching through all fields.
  • Lazy Load: Disable Lazy Load for team member images.
  • Multilingual: Enable Multilingual mode to translate strings using any Multilingual plugin like WPML or Loco Translate.
  • Replace Preferred Text for:
    Customize the text for specific elements by replacing them with preferred …


  • Grid Style 1 with Popup.
  • Grid Style 2 with Popup.
  • Grid Style 3 with a different Popup style.
  • Grid Style 4 with Popup.
  • Grid Style 5 with Popup & Navigation.
  • Grid Style 7 with Panel.
  • Grid & Grey Style.
  • Flip & Panel Style. Check the demo for more Flip designs.
  • Drawer Designs.
  • Table Designs.
  • Slider View. Check the demo for more Slider designs.
  • Filter View. Check the demo for more Filter designs.
  • Custom Order: After Drag & Drop, go to Shortcode > Crete/Edit Shortcode > Go to Query (3rd tab) > Set Order: ASC (From Dropdown). ASC/DESC may be set to your liking. > Set Order By: Custom Order (From Dropdown)
  • Add a New Member.
  • All Members.
  • Created a list of Shortcodes.
  • Create a New Shortcode with Preview.
  • Preferences / Localization / Custom CSS, Skip Lazy Loading & many other options.
  • Install Demo Data.
  • General Settings.
  • Style Settings(2nd Tab).
  • Query Settings (3rd Tab). Check documentation for more Query Controls.
  • Gutenberg Block.
  • Widget for Elementor.
  • WPBakery – Element.
  • Divi Builder – Module.
  • The plugin is compatible with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Check details doc – https://docs.gsplugins.com/gs-team-members/acf-support
  • Bulk Importer from CSV. Check details doc – https://docs.gsplugins.com/gs-team-members/bulk-import/


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Gsteam Shortcodes
  • Gsteam Single Team Block


Install the Plugin with Ease: Step-by-Step Guide:

Install using the Search Plugin option:

  • Go to the WordPress Admin panel
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  • Search for Team Plugin
  • Click Install
  • Activate the plugin
  • The Team post type will appear under the Posts section

Install using the Upload Plugin option:

  • Download the latest version (.zip file)
  • In your Admin, go to the menu Plugins > Add New
  • Select Upload Plugin
  • Click on Choose File
  • Select downloaded gs-team-pro.zip & click on Install Now button
  • Activate the plugin
  • The Team post type will appear under the Posts/Pages section

Install Plugin using FTP:

  • Upload gs-team-members folder inside the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins & Activate the plugin
  • The Team post type will appear under the Posts/Pages section

Display on the website:

  • Use the [gsteam id=#] shortcode or select a different theme
  • Place the shortcode where you want to display it.


How to Add a New Team Member in the Plugin?

To add a new member in the plugin, follow these steps:

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to GS Team > Add New Member
  • Fill out the required information, such as their name, details, and designation.
  • Upload a profile image.
  • Assign to a specific group or department.
  • Add their social links, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, or their website.
  • Make sure to include the full URL for each social link, starting with http:// or https://.
  • Finally, hit the Publish button.

You can check Add New Team section » for a visual explanation.

What is the recommended dimension for the profile picture?

For the best display across different devices, it’s advisable to use an image size of 400px by 400px for member profile pictures. WordPress will automatically generate different sizes, and you can select the appropriate image size (thumbnail/medium/large) when creating a shortcode.

How to display shortcodes in page templates?

You can easily display shortcodes in your page templates using the do_shortcode() function in WordPress. Simply add the following code to your template file:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[gsteam id=1]'); ?>

This will allow you to display using the shortcode and the desired theme in your page templates.

Can I include social media links?

Yes, you can easily add social media links using the plugin. It offers 40 different social media icons for you to choose from, and you have complete control over whether to display them or not, as well as the ability to reorder them through drag-and-drop functionality.

Does the plugin have a shortcode option?

Yes, the plugin offers a shortcode and widget to display on your website. Generate shortcode like

[gsteam id=1]

You have a choice of 50+ different themes, including Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Popup, Filter, Panel, and Gray.

For more information on using the shortcode attributes, check out the Shortcode Usage Guide

How many themes does the WordPress Team Showcase Plugin offer?

The WordPress Team Showcase Plugin offers 50+ different themes. Choose from a variety of layouts including Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Flip, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Filter, and Panel.

What information can be added to the Plugin?

This plugin offers a comprehensive list of information to showcase your team members’ profiles effectively. The information you can add includes the following:

  • Member Name
  • Member Description
  • Designation
  • Company
  • Company Website
  • Landline Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email
  • Address
  • Ribbon
  • Zip Code
  • vCard (Link)
  • Flip Image (For Flip Theme)
  • Group/Department
  • Language
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Specialty
  • Member Image
  • 40 Social Icons with the option to add links (reorderable)
  • Skill fields to add as many as you want (reorderable)

Learn more with the Visual Guide

How many members can I add using the plugin?

There is no limit to the number. You can easily add, edit, delete, organize, and even reorder them with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

How to import/delete Team dummy data?

To import or delete/ remove demo data, go through the guidelines described below –

Importing Demo Data: After installing the GS Team Member Plugin,

  • You’ll see a notification there in the admin area – Install demo data!
  • Click the Install Demo Data button to import demo data and premade shortcodes.

Alternatively, you can import from the GS Team > Install Demo submenu.

How to delete dummy data: After importing the dummy data by following the procedures described above, you’ll see a Remove Data button. You can instantly delete imported data with a click on the button.

What information will be included in the import of dummy data?

The import will include the following details:
– Profiles of 6 members along with their respective details.
– 12 attachments associated with each member.
– 5 taxonomies: Group, Language, Location, Gender, and Specialty.
– Over 25 pre-made shortcodes.

What will happen if I delete the dummy data after editing and updating it for my use?

After importing the dummy data, you can edit and personalize it for your needs. The data that you have updated will become your data. If you delete the dummy data at this point, only the original, unmodified data will be deleted, and your personalized data will remain unaffected and safe.

How to generate Shortcodes?

The plugin comes with 25+ pre-made shortcodes that can be edited for your specific needs.
– To create a new shortcode, go to GS Team > Team Shortcode, and click Create New at the top right corner.
– Set your preferred settings for General Settings, Style Settings, and Query Settings.
– After giving the shortcode a name and save.
– Simply copy the generated shortcode and paste it wherever you want to display it.

Learn more with the Visual Guide.

How can I edit, duplicate, or delete a shortcode?

After importing the dummy data, you can access over 25 premade shortcodes. To edit a shortcode, you can modify its fields, such as the member name, designation, images, categories, and other meta-field values. Remember to save your changes.

Duplicating a shortcode is easy. You can duplicate any existing or newly created shortcode, including its saved settings. Simply click on the Clone button, and you will receive a notification that the Shortcode Cloned Successfully. The cloned shortcode will be named with a suffix of Cloned like: Shortcode name – Cloned.

Deleting a shortcode is straightforward, but be cautious before hitting the delete button, as it will permanently remove the shortcode.

How to Overwrite Templates?

All templates are available inside gs-team-members/templates

To override templates, create a folder named gs-team in your current themes folder, and you can override the files from the templates of the plugin.

For example, to overwrite a single template copy gs-team-single-default.php from /gs-team-members/templates/singles/gs-team-single-default.php to /yourtheme/gs-team/singles/gs-team-single.php and make the required changes. You’ll see the changes in the front end.

By doing this, you can customize the plugin’s templates without modifying its core code, preventing the changes from being overwritten during future updates.

The default path for template override is: gs-team
Copy any file from the plugin templates folder to /themes/theme-name/gs-team folder and override them accordingly.

However, if the user wants to set up his folder something like this: themes/theme-name/templates/gs-team
This is also possible, just need to add a filter in this theme to change the default path.

Here’s it:

add_filter( 'gsteam_templates_folder', function() {
  return 'templates/gs-team';

The partial templates can be found in gs-team-members/templates/partials. You can similarly override these templates by copying them to yourtheme/gs-team/partials.

By referring to the Template Override Documentation, you can easily customize Team Members templates to suit your project’s needs.

Is there any Page Builder Support available?

Yes, the Team Plugin offers page builder support and is currently compatible with the following page builders:

  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor
  • WPBakery
  • Divi Builder
  • Beaver Builder
  • Oxygen Builder
  • UX Builder – Flatsome
  • TagDiv – Newspaper
  • Genesis Frame

We also have plans to add support for additional page builders in future releases.

How to use Team Members in WordPress Gutenberg Editor?

It is compatible with WordPress Gutenberg Editor. To use in Gutenberg –
– Open page/post.
– Click on the (+) sign to add a new block.
– Search a block by Team & click on GS Team Members. If you want to avoid searching, the block is available under Layout Elements.
GS Team Shortcode block added. Now select from premade shortcodes.
– You can Edit any selected shortcode, which will open in a new tab.
– You can also create a new shortcode from here, which will also open in a new tab.
– Publish / Update the page / Post & check.

Check Gutenberg docs and visual guide

How to use Team Members in Elementor?

The plugin is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder. Here’s how to use it:
– Open the page or post where you want to add the block.
– Click on Edit with Elementor to enter the Elementor editor.
– Look for the widget by searching for Team in the Elements section or finding it in the General & GS Plugins sections.
– Drag the widget onto your page.
– Choose a premade shortcode from the available options.
– You can edit the selected shortcode by clicking on the Edit button, which will open a new tab.
– You can also create a new shortcode by clicking on the Create button, which will open a new tab.
– After making your desired changes, publish or update the page or post and view the front end to see the item displayed.

Check Elementor Docs with screenshots

How to use the plugin in WPBakery / formally Visual Composer?

The plugin is compatible with WPBakery at the backend and front-end editor. To use in WPBakery –
– Open page/post.
– Click on WPBakery Page Builder.
– Select Backend Editor or Frontend Editor.
– After selecting Backend Editor, click on Add Element.
– Search an element by Team & click on GS Team Members. It is also available under the GS Plugins tab if you want to avoid searching.
GS Team Shortcode added. Now select from premade shortcodes.
– You can Edit any selected shortcode, which will open in a new tab.
– You can also create a new shortcode from here, which will also open in a new tab.
– Publish / Update the page / Post & check it from the front end.

** If you’re working with Frontend Editor, select from premade shortcodes & save changes to see the live action.

Check WPBakery Docs with screenshots

How to use the Plugin in Divi Builders?

The plugin is compatible with Divi builder. To use in Divi builder –
– Open page/post.
– Click on Use Divi Builder.
– Select as per your need – Start Building or Browse Layouts.
– After selecting Start Building, insert Row.
– Insert Module > Search Team & click on Team Members.
Settings popup will appear. Now select from premade shortcodes.
– Publish / Update the page / Post & check the front.

Check Divi Builder Docs with screenshots

How to use Team Members in Beaver Builder?

The GS Team Members plugin is compatible with Beaver Builder. To use GS Team Members in Beaver Builder –

  • Open page/post.
  • Click on Launch Beaver Builder.
  • Click on the (+) sign to add a new layout.
  • Drag a row.
  • Click on the (+) sign to add a module.
  • Click on the Group & select GS Plugins.
  • Drag the GS Team Members inside the row.
  • Now select from premade shortcodes and save.

See Beaver Builder docs with visuals.

How to use Team Members in Oxygen Builder?

GS Team Members plugin is compatible with Oxygen Builder. To use GS Team Members in Oxygen Builder –

  • Open page/post.
  • Click on Edit with Oxygen.
  • Click on the (+) sign to add a new Element.
  • Search the Team component or If you don’t want to search, the GS Team Members element is also found under the Basics > Other section.
  • Click on the GS Team Members component.
  • Now select from premade shortcodes and save.

Follow Oxygen Builder docs and visual guide.

How to use Team Members in UX Builder – Flatsome?

Using GS Team Members with UX Builder – Flatsome

The GS Team Members plugin is fully compatible with UX Builder – Flatsome. To incorporate GS Team Members into your UX Builder – Flatsome theme, follow these steps:

  • Open Page/Post: Start by opening the page or post where you want to add the Team Members.
  • Edit with UX Builder: Click on the Edit with UX Builder option to launch the UX Builder interface.
  • Add a New Element: In the UX Builder, click on the (+) sign to insert a new element into your page.
  • Select Layout: Under the Layout section, choose the Row element. This will add three columns to your page. However, for the best results, it’s recommended to select only one column.
  • Add Another Element: Click on the (+) sign again to insert a new element.
  • Insert HTML: Within the Content section, you’ll find the HTML element. Select this option.
  • Paste Team Shortcode: Now, simply paste the shortcode for your Team Members inside the HTML element.

Check UX Builder – Flatsome doc with visuals.

How to use Team Members in TagDiv – Newspaper?

GS Team Members plugin is compatible with TagDiv Composer. To use GS Team Members in the TagDiv Composer –

  • Open the desired page or post for editing.
  • Select Edit with TagDiv Composer.
  • Click on the (+) sign to add a new Element.
  • Drag and drop a Row to create a structure.
  • Locate the GS Team Members component.
    • Either manually search for GS Team Members.
    • Alternatively, find it conveniently under the Block Shortcodes section.
  • Drag the GS Team Members component into an Empty Column.
  • Click on the Element Settings and choose from available premade shortcodes.
  • Save your selections.

Check TagDiv – Newspaper doc with visuals.

How to display Team Members in Alphabetical Order?

For Alphabetical Order, you need to create or edit a shortcode.
Follow the guidelines outlined below to display team members in alphabetical orders.

  • Go to the GS Team in your dashboard.
  • Then click on the Team Shortcode
  • Press on the edit option which is right beside the demo shortcode if you want to edit the shortcode. You can also click on the button Create New Shortcode if you want to create a new shortcode.
  • Then you’ll find three settings, among which you need to go to the Query Settings which is in the third tab.
  • You’ll find a title labeled as Set Order in query settings. Select ASC from the dropdown.
  • You’ll find another title labeled Order By. Select Team Name from the dropdown.
  • Now, save the shortcode and you’re done.

Check Query Settings for Alphabetical Order.

How to display Team Members in Custom Order?

Custom Sort Order involves two main steps:

  • Step 1: Rearrange Members by Drag & Drop
  • Step 2: Configure Query Settings for Members

Please refer to the detailed documentation on Custom Sort Order, which includes screenshots for better understanding.

How to display Team Members in ASC/DESC order?

By default, the most recently added members will be displayed at the top of the screen in the Team Members section. Members are ordered in descending order, meaning the newest additions are shown first. However, if you prefer to display members in ascending order, you can adjust this setting using the Query Settings feature.

To arrange members in Ascending Order, follow these steps:

  • Go to GS Team
  • Team Shortcode
  • Crete/Edit Shortcode
  • Go to Query Settings (3rd tab)
  • Set Order > ASC (From Dropdown)
  • Save the Shortcode.

How to display Team Members as per their ID?

To display Team Members according to their unique IDs, follow these steps:

When you add a new Team Member and publish it in WordPress, the platform automatically assigns an ID to each member. For example, 1893 represents Hugh Jakman in this instance. Other team members have similar IDs: 1894 (Haley), 1895 (Richard), 1896 (Garza), and 1897 (Solaytic).

To arrange members based on their IDs, follow these steps:

  • Set the Query Settings to Order: DESC and Order By: Team ID.
  • With this configuration, the last published members will be displayed first, sorted according to their IDs. For instance:
    • 1897 (Solaytic)
    • 1896 (Garza)
    • 1895 (Richard)
    • 1894 (Haley)
    • 1893 (Hugh Jakman)

Check Query Settings for the Members by Team ID.

How to display Team Member profiles as per the published date?

To Display Members as per Published Date, follow these steps:

  • Go to GS Team
  • Team Shortcode
  • Crete/Edit Shortcode
  • Go to Query Settings (3rd tab)
  • Set Order By: Date (From Dropdown)
  • Set Order: DESC (From Dropdown). ASC/DESC may be set to your liking.
  • Save the Shortcode.

How to display Team Members randomly?

To Display Members randomly, follow these steps:

  • Go to GS Team
  • Team Shortcode
  • Crete/Edit Shortcode
  • Go to Query Settings (3rd tab)
  • Set Order By: Random (From Dropdown)
  • Set Order: DESC (From Dropdown). ASC/DESC may be set to your liking.
  • Save the Shortcode.

How can I reorder Groups/Categories in the Team Members plugin?

If you need to rearrange or reorder your groups/categories within the Team Members plugin, the process is straightforward and mirrors the steps for reordering members.

Customizing the order of Groups/Categories involves two primary steps:

  • Step 1: Drag & Drop to rearrange Groups
  • Step 2: Query Settings for Groups

Please refer to the detailed documentation on Reordering Groups/Categories, which includes screenshots for better understanding.

How to Display Team Members from Specific or Multiple Categories?

To display Team Members from specific or multiple categories, follow these steps:

  • Go to GS Team
  • Team Shortcode
  • Crete/Edit Shortcode
  • Go to Query Settings (3rd tab)
  • Set Order: DESC (From Dropdown). ASC/DESC may be set to your liking.
  • Categories: Select from created categories.
  • Save the Shortcode.

In this way, you can display Team Members based on specific criteria such as –

  • Location
  • Language
  • Specialty
  • Gender

Check Screenshots


April 16, 2024 1 reply
The plugin works perfectly and is very easy to set up and use. I had a custom feature request and the response from the developers was fantastic – quick and clear communications and an easy way of working together to implement exactly what I wanted. Could not recommend this more highly!
April 5, 2024 1 reply
I downloaded this plugin because I needed a quick way to add a block of speaker headshots to a team page. I ran into a quick styling issue and reached out to support. They responded within 24 hours with the exact styling solution along with some quick custom css… above and beyond!
Maret 26, 2024 1 reply
Best layout, design and usability of all the team plugins I’ve used so far! and so grateful to the support team for answering questions in a timely and friendly manner. Thanks so much 🙂
Maret 18, 2024 1 reply
I can recommend this plugin and the support has been great
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Version 2.3.5 [6th Jun 24]

  • [Added]: Image Filter Effects for Both Normal And Hover States.

Version 2.3.4 [12th May 24]

  • [Added]: Auto Scrolling Support on the Popup.
  • [Added]: FixHight Support for the Circle Three Theme.
  • [Fixed]: Gutenberg Block Disappears Issue when No Shortcode is Available.
  • [Fixed]: Demo Import Notice Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Admin Notice Appears Issue.

Version 2.3.3 [16th Apr 24]

  • [Added]: Custom Name Support for Member_Name Function.
  • [Added]: Bulk Import Support for Tags, Company Website, Zip Code fields.
  • [Updated]: Freemius Pro Condition.

Version 2.3.2 [1st Apr 24]

  • Hot Fixes.

Version 2.3.1 [31st Mar 24]

  • [Added]: Grid 6 Teamplate.

Version 2.3.0 [18th Mar 24]

  • [Added]: Field to input Custom Archive Page link at Preference.
  • [Added]: Tags Taxonomy.
  • [Added]: Search by Tags on the Filter Theme.
  • [Added]: On/Off Control for Search by Tags.
  • [Added]: Translation/Text Change Option for Search by Tags.

Version 2.2.9 [13th Mar 24]

  • [Added]: Company Website Meta Field.
  • [Fixed]: Blade Theme Magnific Popup Disappear Issue.

Version 2.2.8 [20th Feb 24]

  • [Added]: Search by Company on the Filter Theme.
  • [Added]: Translation/Text Change Option for Search by Company & Zip Code
  • [Added]: Image Linking Option at Theme Grid 3.

Version 2.2.7 [28th Jan 24]

  • [Added]: Filter Hook for Terms.
  • [Fixed]: Jetpack Feature Image Hidden Issue.
  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK 2.6.2

Version 2.2.6 [13th Jan 24]

  • [Added]: Excerpt Support.

Version 2.2.5 [6th Dec 23]

  • [Added]: TagDiv Builder (Newspaper Theme) Support.
  • [Fixed]: Free & Pro Conflict.
  • [Fixed]: Shortcode ID Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Router Link.
  • [Updated]: Builder PHP file.
  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK 2.6.1
  • [Updated]: JS Compression Disabled.

Version 2.2.4 [22nd Nov 23]

  • [Fixed]: Oxygen Builder CSS Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Preferance CSS Loading Issue On Editor.
  • [Fixed]: Archive Page Posts Order Conflict.
  • [Fixed]: get_team_terms Static Method Called non-Statically.
  • [Fixed]: Dropdown Selection Problem at Filter Style 1 & 15.
  • [Fixed]: Popup Name Link Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Prev Next Pagination Links.
  • [Fixed]: Shortcode Security Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Panel 6 Overlap On Firefox.
  • [Fixed]: Ribbon Issue on Popup Style 4.
  • [Fixed]: Popup Next Prev Issue When Multiple Popup Is Used In Same Page.
  • [Fixed]: Oxygen Icon.
  • [Fixed]: get_shortcode_by_id.
  • [Updated]: Team Asset Generator.
  • [Updated]: bootstrap-grid.min.css.
  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK 2.6.0
  • [Updated]: dummy-data.php.
  • [Removed]: Empty SCSS.

Version 2.2.3 [21st Oct 23]

  • [Added]: Beaver Builder Integration.
  • [Added]: Oxygen Builder Integration.
  • [Added]: Namespaces to the Templates.
  • [Added]: Disable Google Fonts Feature.
  • [Added]: Carousel Next, Prev Translation support.
  • [Added]: Toggle Show/Hide Ribbon Control.
  • [Fixed]: Tab Link Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Name Conflict.
  • [Fixed]: Caching Issue on Some Cases.
  • [Fixed]: Social Icons SVG Issue.
  • [Fixed]: load_acf_fields Function.
  • [Fixed]: word-break Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Custom CSS on Force Load.
  • [Fixed]: Hide Empty ACF Fields.
  • [Fixed]: Single Page Next Prev Button.
  • [Fixed]: Ribbon Long Text Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Team Single Page Design Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Assets Generator Restructure.
  • [Fixed]: Admin Notice Issue.
  • [Improved]: Code & Structures.
  • [Updated]: Team POT file.

Version 2.2.2 [6th Jul 23]

  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK to the latest version.

Version 2.2.1 [22nd Jun 23]

  • [Added]: Icons for Bandcamp, Map Maker & Map Pin.

Version 2.2.0 [21st Jun 23]

  • [Added]: Image linking Option at Theme Grid 4.
  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK

Version 2.1.9 [17th Jun 23]

  • [Added]: Compatibility with Loco Translate.
  • [Fixed]: Team Shortcode.
  • [Improved]: Caching Mechanism.

Version 2.1.8 [3rd Jun 23]

  • [Fixed]: Carousel Nav.
  • [Fixed]: Other Languages support like Japanese, and Chinese in the Bulk Upload Feature.

Version 2.1.7 [10th May 23]

  • [Fixed]: Undefined Variable Errors.
  • [Fixed]: Nav Missing Issue on the Grid Slider Theme.
  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK

Version 2.1.6 [2nd May 23]

  • [Added]: Linked Image in the Circle theme.

Version 2.1.5 [30th Apr 23]

  • [Added]: New Theme named Grid 10.
  • [Added]: New Popup Style.

Version 2.1.4 [9th Apr 23]

  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK 2.5.6

Version 2.1.3 [13th Mar 23]

  • [Fixed]: Popup Template.
  • [Fixed]: Blank Template Issues at preview.

Version 2.1.2 [26th Jan 23]

  • [Fixed]: HTTP Before Emails/Envelop Icon.
  • [Fixed]: Single Loop Item at the Popup Template, which breaks Circle Grid theme.

Version 2.1.1 [11th Jan 23]

  • [Added]: Firefox Support For Grid CSS.
  • [Fixed]: Block Names.
  • [Fixed]: Plugins Pro page’s slug link.
  • [Fixed]: Drawer Layout Break Issue on Firefox.
  • [Fixed]: OnClick Scrolling Issue Fixed for Old Themes.
  • [Fixed]: Grid Panel Slide JS Error Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Single Page Layout.
  • [Updated]: Grid CSS.
  • [Updated]: Placeholder Image.
  • [Improved]: Old Theme Style improvements.

Version 2.1.0 [2nd Jan 23]

  • [Added]: Child Theme Template Overwrite Support.
  • [Updated]: Help, Free & Pro common pages.
  • [Updated]: Template Loader.
  • [Updated]: Blocks Title Display.
  • [Updated]: POT.

Version 2.0.9 [22nd Dec 22]

  • [Fixed]: Empty Thumbnail for the Events Plugin Conflict issue.
  • [Fixed]: Shortcode Cache Purge.
  • [Fixed]: Isotope Image Size.
  • [Fixed]: Freemius free/pro Conflict.
  • [Fixed]: wp_cache_delete.
  • [Updated]: FreemiusWordPress.php

Version 2.0.8 [13th Dec 22]

  • [Added]: Block Theme for the Single Member.
  • [Added]: Filter Hook In The Options.
  • [Fixed]: Grid 7, 8 Drawer, and Panel Theme Issues.
  • [Fixed]: Gray Theme Height Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Multiple Panel Issue on the Same Page.
  • [Fixed]: Social Icon broken/missing Issues.
  • [Fixed]: Formatting issues on the Single & Popup.
  • [Fixed]: Blockquote.
  • [Fixed]: Single 2 Description Color.
  • [Fixed]: Elementor Shortcode ID Mismatch Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Vcard Colon Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Single Page Broken Issue on Block Theme.
  • [Improved]: The Builders Experience.
  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK.
  • [Updated]: Layout Filter 4.

Version 2.0.7 [12th Nov 22]

  • [Added]: Shortcode & HTML Content Support for Popup, Drawer, Panel & Single Template.
  • [Added]: HTML Support for Widgets.
  • [Added]: Ability to Change the Sort of Categories (Filter Theme).
  • [Added]: Ability to Control the Visibility of the Empty Groups.
  • [Fixed]: Description Scroll & Formatting Issues.
  • [Fixed]: Group Sort Pages Dimming Issue.
  • [Improved]: Theme Names & Order.

Version 2.0.6 [2nd Nov 22]

  • [Added]: Bootstrap Columns Prefix.
  • [Fixed]: Popup Various issues.
  • [Fixed]: Description Disappear Issue in Popup.
  • [Fixed]: Panel Issues.
  • [Fixed]: Multiple Drawer Conflict Issue.
  • [Improved]: Compatibility with the Uncode & Avada Themes.

Version 2.0.5 [27th Oct 22]

  • [Fixed]: gs_tm_theme21 Search Bar Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Bulk Importer Issue.

Version 2.0.4 [17th Oct 22]

  • [Added]: Support for the Details Control in List Templates.
  • [Added]: Ability to Link Phone & Email in the Templates.
  • [Fixed]: Social Links Title Conditional Rendering.
  • [Fixed]: Skills Title Conditional Rendering.
  • [Fixed]: Content Width Issue.
  • [Updated]: POT file.

Version 2.0.3 [13th Oct 22]

  • Hot Fixes.

Version 2.0.2 [12th Oct 22]

  • [Added]: Pro Guard to Filter Popup, Panel & Drawer.

Version 2.0.1 [12th Oct 22]

  • [Added]: Template Hooks In The New Themes.
  • [Added]: New Meta Field: Zip Code.
  • [Added]: Ability to Member Searching By Zip Code.
  • [Added]: Ribbon to the Pro Plugin Info.
  • [Added]: Assets Purge on Activation & Version Update.
  • [Fixed]: Panel Theme Display Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Pro Plugins List Page.
  • [Fixed]: Fatal Issue With Default Popup.
  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK to 2.4.5

Version 2.0.0 [11th Oct 22]

  • [Added]: Carousel Dots Style.
  • [Added]: Progress Bar.
  • [Added]: Panel Next Prev Functionality.
  • [Fixed]: Popup Styles.
  • [Fixed]: Magnific Popup Arrows.
  • [Fixed]: Skills Layout.
  • [Fixed]: SVG Shape Size Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Shortcode Custom CSS.
  • [Fixed]: Grid Issue with New Themes.
  • [Fixed]: Next Prev Buttons in Single Pages.
  • [Fixed]: Bulk Import Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Responsive Design Issues.
  • [Fixed]: Single & Archive Pages Icon Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Popup Responsive.
  • [Fixed]: Drawer Theme Issues.
  • [Fixed]: Color Fields Default and Reset Values.
  • [Fixed]: Layout Breaking Issue for HTML Tags/Content.
  • [Fixed]: Elementor Editor Disappear Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Compatibility Issue with Old Shortcodes.
  • [Updated]: Asset Generator File.
  • [Updated]: POT file.
  • [Updated]: Security Issues.
  • [Updated]: Skills Layout.
  • [Improved]: Style Controls.
  • [Improved]: Filter Layouts & Filter Bar Styles.
  • [Improved]: Compatibility with the Latest Elementor Builder.
  • [Improved]: Bulk Importer Error Message.
  • [Removed]: Row Actions.
  • [Removed]: Default Styles From Shortcode.
  • [Removed]: Duplicate Query.

Version 1.11.1 [8th May 22]

  • [Added]: Location, Specialty, Language and Gender-wise Query Options.
  • [Removed]: Empty Designations from the Query (Filter Theme).

Version 1.11.0 [12th Mar 22]

  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK.
  • [Improved]: Compatibility with ACF.
  • [Improved]: Enabled ACF native filters for fields rendering.

Version 1.10.18 [22nd September 21]

  • [Fixed]: Freemius Script Dependency.
  • [Updated]: gsteam.pot file.

Version 1.10.17 [15th September 21]

  • [Added]: Ribbon support at Filter Grid to Single Theme.
  • [Fixed]: Select Field Syncing Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Select Field Two way Binding for Group issue.
  • [Fixed]: The warning – Cannot Modify Header information.
  • [Fixed]: List Template Container Issue.
  • [Fixed]: 2 Columns Issue at Mobile.
  • [Fixed]: Select Field Dropdown Issue on Firefox.
  • [Fixed]: Popup 2 Columns Issue on Firefox.

Version 1.10.16 [22nd August 21]

  • [Added]: Exclude Jetpack Lazy Load Option.
  • [Added]: Upgrader for 1.10.16 version / Exclude category issue.
  • [Fixed]: Select Fields bug.
  • [Fixed]: Few layouts and spacing issues.
  • [Fixed]: vCard Theme’s image link.
  • [Removed]: Extra space between label & : (colon)
  • [Improved]: Hide ACF fields when no value present.
  • [Improved]: Shortcode Builder / Editor Preview.
  • [Improved]: Filter Layouts / Selected Categories.
  • [Updated]: Demo data updated

Version 1.10.15 [14th August 21]

  • [Added]: Bulk Importer from CSV.
  • [Added]: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Support.
  • [Added]: New theme – Table Filter: Dense.
  • [Added]: Added Scroll Animation control in Editor
  • [Added]: Default Thumbnail Size.
  • [Fixed]: Excluding Category issue.
  • [Fixed]: Including / Excluding issue.
  • [Fixed]: Child Category Filter option at Filter2 Theme.
  • [Fixed]: 2 columns issue on mobile at Gray theme.
  • [Fixed]: Avada Theme issue.
  • [Updated]: Select Component.
  • [Removed]: Scroll Animation from Gutenberg Editor.
  • [Improved]: get_team_groups function.
  • [Improved]: Fetching Shortcode Attributes from one single Function.

Version 1.10.14 [3rd June 21]

  • [Added]: Enable / Disable Child Category Filter Option.
  • [Added]: Group Filter Ability.
  • [Added]: Other Plugin’s Shortcode Capability in Popup.
  • [Added]: Support & Compatibility Issue with Many addon like “Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg” plugin.
  • [Fixed]: Sort (Custom Order) conflict with other plugins.
  • [Fixed]: Many Fixes for Divi Builder CSS.
  • [Fixed]: PHP Error: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given.
  • [Fixed]: “Linked Type” Popup Issue in Free Mode.
  • [Fixed]: Texts Overlap Issue in Gutenberg Editor.
  • [Fixed]: Grid Layout Broken issue on Firefox.
  • [Fixed]: Isotope Console Errors.

Version 1.10.12 [29th April 21]

  • [Fixed]: Terms Order conflict with other plugins.

Version 1.10.11 [10th March 21]

  • [Updated]: Freemius Config.
  • [Updated]: Mix file.
  • [Removed]: jQuery.noConflict()

Version 1.10.10 [9th March 21]

  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK.
  • [Updated]: POT file.
  • [Updated]: Freemius logics.
  • [Added]: Enable / disable Multilingual mode to translate strings.

Version 1.10.9 [7th March 21]

  • [Fixed]: Hot fix for database table issue.
  • [Improved]: Compatibility with Multilingual.

Version 1.10.8 [7th March 21]

  • [Added]: New Columns support like – Single, 5 & 6 Columns.
  • [Added]: Responsive column customization in all possible templates.
  • [Added]: RTL Support.
  • [Fixed]: Popup Member Name color override issue.
  • [Fixed]: Many templates bugs.
  • [Improved]: Responsive Layouts.
  • [Improved]: Slider Responsive Breakpoints.
  • [Updated]: Scripts for jQuery 3.
  • [Updated]: Pagination style.
  • [Updated]: Popup controls logics.
  • [Optimized]: CSS & JS.

Version 1.10.7 [17th February 21]

  • [Fixed]: Repeated Designation Issue.
  • [Added]: New Theme – Group Filter.
  • [Added]: Conditional Fields for New Layout.
  • [Updated]: Webpack Packages.
  • [Added]: Group Terms Sorting Feature.
  • [Added]: Set First Item as Default Filter.
  • [Removed]: Excluded Group from Filter Templates.
  • [Added]: Control to enable / disable “All” filter in the Filter Templates.
  • [Added]: Capability of changing “All” text.
  • [Fixed]: Child Theme Template Overwrite Issue.
  • [Fixed]: Terms Invalid forEach Error.
  • [Fixed]: Display Empty Groups in the Query groups.
  • [Fixed]: Term Sorting Database Error.
  • [Fixed]: Popup role color override issue when widget role color edited.
  • [Fixed]: Multiple Themes compability.
  • [Added]: Display only current items in popup instead of all items in filter layouts.

Version 1.10.6 [29th November 20]

  • [Added]: Reset Filters Button. Enable Reset all filters button in filter themes, Default is Off.
  • [Fixed]: Image unbalanced sizes.

Version 1.10.5 [22nd November 20]

  • [Updated]: Freemius SDK.
  • [Added]: Multi-select dropdown. Applicable for Filter Theme.
  • [Added]: Enable / disable multi selection on the filters, Default is Off.
  • [Added]: Enable / disable multi selected values in ellipsis mode, Default is Off.
  • [Added]: Exclude Group feature.
  • [Fixed]: ERROR notification at the dashboard.
  • [Fixed]: Free trial menu issue.
  • [Fixed]: Single page template shortcode rendering.
  • [Fixed]: Empty search_filter html when no filter enabled.
  • [Fixed]: Image size transition issue.
  • [Fixed]: Image height issue.

Version 1.10.4 [9th November 20]

  • [Added]: Search & Taxonomy fileds switch on / off to show or hide. Applicable for Filter Theme.
  • [Added]: Member Name Link / unlink option. Applicable for Filter Theme.
  • [Added]: Filter Fields Column option. 2 or 3 columns. Applicable for Filter Theme.
  • [Improved]: All fields (Name & Taxonomies) in SEARCH.

Version 1.10.3 [3rd November 20]

  • [Added]: Animation to Magnific Popup.
  • [Added]: More styling controls.
  • [Added]: New Theme – vCard.
  • [Added]: New Meta field to add link. Applicable for vCard Theme.
  • [Added]: New Input field at Preferences to replace vCard Text.
  • [Added]: All fields (Name & Taxonomies) in SEARCH. Applicable for Filter Theme.
  • [Added]: SEARCH switch on / off. Default off. Applicable for Filter Theme.
  • [Fixed]: Popup Z-Index issue in Divi Builder.
  • [Fixed]: Wrong translation strings.
  • [Fixed]: Custom style issue with Divi Builder.
  • [Fixed]: Elementor Table issue on gs_tm_theme21 Theme.
  • [Improved]: Compatibility with more themes.

Version 1.10.2 [8th September 20]

  • [Updated]: Template & notification for free users.

Version 1.10.1 [6th September 20]

  • [Updated]: Rewritten the plugin.
  • [Added]: Import / delete dummy data.
  • [Added]: Edit, Clone / Duplicate, Delete Shortcode.
  • [Added]: Override Templates.
  • [Added]: URL flush. After install the plugin / updating slug, Single Member may NOT found with 404 error. Now it’ll flush the URL.
  • [Added]: Performance Improvements.
  • [Added]: Page Builder Support for Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery, and Divi Builders.
  • [Added]: Translations done for static strings.
  • [Added]: Old Shortcode support.
  • [Added]: Ribbon at single template.
  • [Added]: Multiple Popup, Slider & Filter support.
  • [Added]: New Input fields to replace preferred texts for ‘More’ & ‘Read On’ text.
  • [Updated]: Cleanup & Optimize assets.
  • [Updated]: Organize files in the folder.
  • [Updated]: Template Names.
  • [Fixed]: jQuery sort error in console.
  • [Fixed]: Admin old CSS & JS files loading in every page.
  • [Fixed]: Security lacking for custom sort AJAX action.
  • [Fixed]: PHP 5.5 issue with data importing.
  • [Fixed]: Archive and single template loader issue.
  • [Fixed]: Multiple Isotope issue in JS.

Version 1.9.14 [28th April 20]

  • [Added]: “Search by name” filter on theme Drawer (theme13, drawer2) & Panel Slide (theme19).
  • [Updated]: Sort Order including Group Taxonomy name.

Version 1.9.13 [13th April 20]

  • [Fixed]: Phone format on Table Filter.
  • [Updated]: Unlocked Style Settings Tab for lite version.

Version 1.9.12 [9th April 20]

  • [Added]: New Theme: Filter Grid to Single (gs_tm_theme22).
  • [Added]: New Theme: Flip (gs_tm_theme23).
  • [Fixed]: Meta fields Markup and Style.

Version 1.9.11 [4th April 20]

  • [Added]: Bootstrap table JS.
  • [Added]: CSS for FA icons.
  • [Added]: Latest WP version Compatibility.

Version 1.9.10 [1st April 20]

  • [Added]: Localization / Language Settings in Option.
  • [Added]: New theme – Table & Filter.

Version 1.9.9 [24th Mar 20]

  • [Added]: Upgrade Bootstrap 3 to 4.
  • [Added]: 4 Taxonomy Location / City, Gender, Language, Specialty
  • [Added]: 5 Meta Fields Company, Land Phone, Cell Phone, Email & Address

*Note: Output added at THEME 8: POPUP, THEME 09: FILTER, THEME 12: Selected Categories FILTER, THEME 19: PANEL SLIDE

Version 1.9.8 [23rd Feb 20]

  • [Added]: Option for Popup Column.
  • [Added]: Shortcode attribute for Popup Column.
  • [Added]: Popup Column added on Popup 1, Filter 1, and Filter 2 theme.

Version 1.9.7 [16th Feb 20]

  • [Fixed]: Conflict with Elementor Pro.

Version 1.9.6 [9th Feb 20]

  • [Fixed]: Meta Field error issues.

Version 1.9.5 [23rd Oct 19]

  • [Fixed]: Domain name changed & fixed all URLs.
  • [Fixed]: Admin CSS for Options & Help page.
  • [Fixed]: Default value at theme option. Changed from theme1 to gs_tm_theme1. Thanks a ton to Gabriele Serra for the concern regarding bug:)
  • [Added]: New Contributors.
  • [Fixed]: Modified markup to fix broken layout ( @ theme8, theme9 & theme12 ) Changed P to Div.

version 1.9.4

  • [Added]: Freemius Affiliate Option Added.

version 1.9.3

  • [Added]: Updated Freemius SDK 2.3.0
  • [Fixed]: Theme Div Issue
    • Theme Grid 1
    • Circle 1 (Hover),
    • Horizontal 1 (Square Right Info),
    • Horizontal 2 (Square Left Info),
    • Horizontal 3 (Circle Right Info),
    • Horizontal 4 (Circle Left Info),
    • Filter 1 (Hover & Pop),
    • Filter 2 (Selected Cats) – Pro,
    • Grid 3 (Static),
    • Grid 2 (Tooltip) – Pro,
    • Slider 1 (Hover),
    • Gray 1 (Square)
  • [Fixed]: Fix conflict with Avada Theme.
  • [Added]: Elementor Support.

version 1.9.2

  • [Fixed]: Security fix.

version 1.9.1

  • [Fixed]: Free trial issue.
  • [Added]: Free trial menu

version 1.9

  • [Added]: 4 themes at free version ( Horizontal 1 to 4 ). Now 6 themes are available in the Lite version.
  • [Added]: Group at the free version.
  • [Added]: 14 days free trial of the PRO version.
  • [Added]: CSS for Divi theme border issue.
  • [Added]: wpautop function for formatting @ theme8, theme9 & theme12
  • [Fixed]: Popup conflict with Divi theme ( fixed @ theme8, theme9 & theme12 ).
  • [Removed]: cbp-so-section class & ID from Filter theme ( theme9 & theme12 ).

version 1.8

  • [Added]: Freemius.

version 1.7

  • [Added]: Help tab added with Video.
  • [Added]: Minor CSS.

version 1.6

  • [Fixed]: Name & Designation style. @mohsinworld now you can change to five-star 🙂 For your info, also added the Email option.

version 1.5

  • [Added]: Repeatable Social Media meta box
  • [Added]: Thumbnail image size note added at admin
  • [Added]: Version option to select old/new versions for repeatable social links. Default – Old Version
  • [Removed]: RangeSlider JS & CSS file from admin
  • [Removed]: Editor Height for Post Type

version 1.4

  • Added Box sizing to Bootstrap columns
  • Added Box sizing to .gs_tm_theme1 .single-mem-desc-social, .gs_tm_theme2 .single-mem-desc-social
  • Added Line Height for Theme 1 & 2
  • Modified Column structure from col-xs-6 to col-xs-12 for Theme 1 & 2
  • Fixed Vertically & Horizontally centered Social icons

version 1.3

  • Removed wildcard (*) css from custom Bootstrap.
  • Added margin

version 1.0.2

  • Fixed padding issue for Bootstrap-based theme.

version 1.0.1

  • Added Jquery-ui & set dependency.
  • Added Metabox screen & priority.

version 1.0

  • Initial release